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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Because My Wife Is Too Nice

My wife is a wonderful, sweet, intelligent person who generally will not tell people when they are being idiots(except for me, of course). I, on the other hand, have been known to let people know exactly how I feel.

This comment was posted on her blog which she promptly removed due the language (which I edited here):

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A holiday wreath for all seasons":

"to the brave the crowd that may be a notch below the people of Walmart set......" ????? Who the f*** do you actually think you are? You work is NOTHING we have not seen before, is not original, unique, or interesting. You sound like a pathetic wannabe whose only identity stems from the guy you married----and he thinks you are an uptight princess sucking the life out of him. Can't wait till he leaves you, it finally sinks in that what you create is crap, and you are forced to live on a "Walmart" budget. You could not hack it, you are stupid. You can only define yourself, uplift yourself, by denigrating others or leaching off of others. F*** you and Merry Christmas, you unintelligent, boring, c***-face, wife.

As you can imagine we were both a bit shocked. This was obviously written by someone that is not too familiar with our story. So, in hopes that anonymous stumbles onto my blog and reads my response to her comments, I'm going to break it down for her. I warn you now, there is going to be some use of sarcasm.


Dear Anonymous-

You crack me up. When I first heard about your comment I was angry. Now, as I read it again, I just laugh. Let me set you straight.

"to the brave the crowd that may be a notch below the people of Walmart set......" 

Have you seen the "people of Walmart?" Here are a couple of my favorites.

Just discharged from the hospital and had to go shopping?
You ever get that feeling that you forgot to do something before you left your house?
Come on. You have to admit that Walmart has found an amazing talent for bringing out some of the nut jobs in the world. Anonymous, if you don't get it then you are either one of them (a person of Walmart) or just a little slow.

"Who the f*** do you actually think you are?" 

I think my wife answers that question with the name of her blog. Her name is Katie and she's married to a firefighter. Once again, a little slow aren't you (it's a rhetorical question)?

"You work is NOTHING we have not seen before, is not original, unique, or interesting."

First off, who is this 'we' that you're talking about? I haven't seen anyone else doing the exact things that my wife is doing.

Yeah. Totally unoriginal.

And the almost 300 blog followers and hundreds of blog hits each day would beg to differ with the statement her blog isn't interesting. You even read it and commented.

"You sound like a pathetic wannabe whose only identity stems from the guy you married"

A wannabe? A wannabe what? She's doing what she wants to be doing. And you're right. Absolutely pathetic. Her husband has a great job that he loves. Because of his schedule she gets to spend more time with him than most wives get to spend with their husbands. She is able to stay at home with 3 wonderful children and watch them grow. She lives in a nice house in a good neighborhood. She gets to do her artwork and be creative. Sure sounds pathetic.

" ...and he thinks you are an uptight princess sucking the life out of him."

Do you really think you have any idea what I'm thinking?! Seriously? Not even close.

"Can't wait till he leaves you, it finally sinks in that what you create is crap, and you are forced to live on a "Walmart" budget."

I guess you are entitled to your opinion about my wife's art work. One man's junk is another man's treasure. As for living on a Walmart budget....been there, done that, couldn't afford the t-shirt. Try living on one income, in the second most expensive city in the US, with a family of 4 all while making less than the fry cook at In-N-Out. Trust me, we've done poor. We were so far below the poverty line it was ridiculous. But we made it, without government assistance. Besides you freaking moron, she's shopping at the DOLLAR STORE!

"You could not hack it, you are stupid."

I know that we've already proved that she can hack living on a budget quite well. As for the "you are stupid" comment, are you in the 3rd grade? Did you run out of things to say so you resorted to calling someone stupid?

"You can only define yourself, uplift yourself, by denigrating others or leaching off of others."

So let me get this straight. My wife's 'only identity stems from the guy she married' and yet she 'can only define herself, uplift herself, by denigrating others or leaching off of others?'  So which is it? Should she change the name of her blog to 'At least I'm not a person of Walmart?' As far as I can tell, the only thing she did that was denigrating was to point visitors of her blog to the 'People of Walmart' web page. And I can only assume that you mean she's 'leaching off' me. Have you read her blog? Most of her posts have nothing to do with my job or me. Outside of her blog I'd say she's much more known for being either the mother of our kids or for being an artist. 

"F*** you and Merry Christmas, you unintelligent, boring, c***-face, wife."

 By your sign off I can only guess that my wife hit a nerve. I'm going to guess that you were photographed and put up on the People of Walmart web page. We could play a game and post pictures from the web site that we think are pictures of you (is this you?). The funniest thing to me is that you accuse my wife of being 'unintelligent' and 'stupid' and yet the very way in which you expressed your opinion shows your level of intelligence and lack of sophistication. Somehow I don't think my wife lost any sleep over your comment.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Good for you for sticking up for your wife like that. I gasped when I read that comment. Someone obviously doesn't know Katie and the life that both of you live. It sounds like that anonymous person is alone and lonely judging by all the remarks made of how Katie can't define herself because she is married to you. A woman can very well define herself by the man she marries. He makes her a whole, a whole better and loved person. I feel sorry for who ever wrote this. You two are way above that.

Oh, and I love your sarcasm and people of :)


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! Someone has some psych issues going on!

Lizzie said...

Silly anons...I love your wife's blog. I think she's got a fantastic creative streak and she gets to live the dream job. Her blog shows every day how much she loves that and how much she loves her family.
Sounds like anon is a little bit jealous of that.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Thanks for coming to my defense, love you. :) I had to remove the comment from my blog. My grandmother reads it!!

I think the commenter didn't even know about the people of Wal-Mart blog and thought I was sayin' something I wasn't.

And for the record? *I* shop at Wal-Mart! I do mercifully leave the green pregnancy yoga stretch pants at home, though. ;)

Phoenix Rising said...

I love Katie's blog! And I, too, shop at WalMart and was not the least bit offended. (Perhaps because I have this thing called self-esteem and humor. It helps.)

Hydrant girl said...

Ah, the joys of bloggin' eh? Well, tell your wife that I'm uber happy with what "crap" she made me, so I guess that means I'll be seeing her in line at Walmart.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

WOW!!! Some people need to remember to take their pills. Great job standing up for her.

Cristina said...

I don't even know what to say. For once I am speechless, and that so rarely happens. In all the times I've read Katie's blog it is more than obvious that she is nothing that has been viciously portrayed. The only incompetent involved in this circus would be the person who wrote the comment.

melaniek said...

Oh my! I was totally shocked when I read that comment. I love Katie's blog!! She is so awesomely creative. As for shopping at walmart...yep, you'll find my family and I in line. I just love the fact too that anonymous was too cowardly to use their name, but didn't have any issues spouting off their mouth at your wife. Shame on them!

lyndylou said...

not good, not nice but did you have to use the word retarded?? I am the parent of a child with physical and mental disabilities and I hate people using it to insult someone. Apart from that I love your blog :)

The Coupon Goddess said...

I applaud you for addressing that comment with humor, dignity and more compassion than I would have given that nasty troll. I hope she crashes into a tree while she is riding her broom. Your wife is a wonderful blogger and I enjoy her talents very much!

Rachel said...

I was absolutely stunned reading that comment.

And I think someone left it on the wrong blog. Aww heck, I don't even know WHOSE blog it "should" have been left on anyway?!?!

All I could think of was, "Who peed in your Cheerios?" - cuz your wife is creative, frugal (I about died reading about her second time sewing those pillow cushions), and charming as all get out.

I think your idea for trying to figure out who it is - marvelous!!!

LisaDay said...

Wow. I think you should guest post this blog on your wife's blog to ensure anonymous reads it. I like your last point.


Jenbug said...

Great job for coming to your wife's defense! I thought your response was spot on :) Love Katie's blog and I know so many other people who do too. I really like your idea for trying to figure out who it is too!!

kipspop said...

A note to Anonymous:
Obviously you have not met Firewife Katie. I know her as a loving, warm intelligent and creative person. And at the least, filth doesn't spew from her mouth as it does from yours. I truly feel sorry for you.

A note to Firewife Katie:
I love you

Kay said...

I'm very proud of you. I can't believe that someone would be that thoughtless. It's amazing what people will say when they don't have to look the person in the eye and there is some believed anonymity. Some day, this will be made right. Love you both,

Michaela said...

I don't know Katie but Im going to read her blog from now on. Any person who leaves such a mean comment obviously has serious psych issues and I would recommend 1g Largactil stat, followed by a course of ECT. If that person visits my blog, I will have my shotgun ready! xxoo PS Love the art; Katie is very creative.

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I just began following Katie on twitter and am just reading this low class comment that was left on her blog! Good for you for responding to it with intelligence. Some people just feel the need to put down others just to pump themselves sickening.

FireMom said...

This is fabulous.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

It's nice to hear (19 comments is a record for me) that I'm not way off base. My initial reaction to he comment wasn't as mellow.

Thanks for reading and being supportive.

brian said...

Great, great response...

Send that person over to me. I don't get many comments and would welcome even profane/stupid remarks...

Anonymous said...

Oh My I luv your comment back to this jerk. I luv reading Katie's blog and seeing all her cute idea's she so awsome and gifted your her prince charming and I luv it you guys are perfect together.

LaDonna Rae said...

Glad to see the chilvary...great come back. I know you wife appreciates the resounding rebuttal.

Warren Baldwin said...

Good defense. Ashame that someone would even write such an inappropriate letter to begin with.

I've had to enable the comment approval function b/c I had someone leaving comments that were subtly undermining post I was writing on parenting, discipline, etc. It was rude and crude like the one you guys received, it was more subtly. But it was still annoying.

There are sick people out there who like to look for someone healthy and doing a good job and just tear them and their work down. It looks to me that is what you guys encountered. And you handled it well!

Warren Baldwin said...

Correction: the sentence above about inappropriate comments left on my blog should have read, "It wasn't rude and crude ..."

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