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Monday, May 18, 2009

It Popped

We got toned out late in the afternoon for a possible hip fracture. When we arrived we found the family members pointing anxiously out in the brush. As we walked over we found our patient sitting on the ground in severe pain. He stated that he had bent down to pick up something when he heard a pop and then fell to the ground. Lucky for him he missed all the cactus. On further assessment we found that he did dislocate his right hip. Before we moved him I started an IV and gave him 10 milligrams of Morphine. Just as I finished this the ambulance arrived. We then loaded him onto a folding flat and padded his right side with pillows, then sent him on his way.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sore Person

As we were returning from a call we got toned out for another. This time for a sore person. When we arrived we found our patient laying on the couch. Grant did the patient assessment this time. He found out that the patient had been in a fairly serious accident two days prior and that she had been transported to the ER. The patient stated that she had air bag deployment, she was wearing her seat belt, she was knocked out, and had CT scan and x-rays done. She called us today because she was really sore. We checked out her vitals and everything was within normal limits. I guess when she was released from the hospital the doctor forgot to tell her that she was going to be in pain. Great job doc. She ended up getting transported back to the hospital despite our recommendations to stay home.

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