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Friday, February 7, 2014

Cat In A Tree

Yes, the fire department does get calls for cats stuck in a tree. Not very often but it does happen. But what happens when your local FD fails to even try to get the cat out of the tree? Get the next best off duty firefighter.

The other day my neighbors cat decided it wanted to touch the sky. It had climbed over 20 feet in the tree. The local engine crew said that they needed the truck guys and then conveniently got a call.

I went over to investigate what was going on. Once I saw the cat in the tree I figured my ladder would reach. Maybe.

I set up the ladder and climbed up to the top. The cat was still about a foot or so out of reach. So I clmbed the tree. Just enough so that I could reach the scruff of the cats neck. I grabbed the cat and made it safely down to the ground without falling or getting scratched.

I just hope the cat didn't think that was fun.
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