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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Really, Really Old People

I was talking with my family the other night and I remembered a call I had when I was working as an EMT at a private ambulance company. We went and picked up this old lady in Inglewood and took her to her annual physical. She had one leg amputated below the knee (I don't remember why) but other than that was in great health. The amazing part was her age. She was 106 years old. On our paperwork we skipped an entire century. Her D.O.B. was in 1898 and the call was in 2004. It was strange to be transporting an adult that was not born in the 1900's.

The best part of the entire call was when we were dropping her off at her house. This sweet old lady that had chatted our ears off the entire time asked me to come closer. As I knelt next to her wheelchair she said she had something to tell me. She said, "My caretaker," with whom I did not get along, "she's a bitch." I'm glad I was already kneeling on the ground. I was laughing so hard that I would have fallen over.

I love really old people. They don't hold things back. I think more people should be that way.
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