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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Glass Is Half Full?

Yesterday we ran a call at the Jr High for a 13 year old with chest pain. The kid had a condition where one leg was a different length than the other. This caused him to have poor posture and which every once in while would lead to have pain in the muscle in between his ribs. He had been seen several times by the local ED for the same problem. We contact his mom and after a brief conversation, she decided that she would pick him up at the school.

So what about this call had us talking and laughing around the kitchen table after the call. The simple fact that the mom had said that her son had one leg that was longer than the other. We all agreed that we would have described it as one leg shorter than the other. We decided it had something to do with viewing life from the perspective that the glass is always half full. We just couldn't figure out which side we were on. Yes, we talk about the most random things at the station.
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