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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ice Cream

In the fire service (and I'm sure in a lot of ambulance services as well) we have a weak spot for sugar. You know? Just like cops and their donuts. Our weakness is ice cream. Of all flavors and brands.

But it's more than just that. When a new firefighter has his first structure fire, he owes ice cream. For that matter, any time he has a first, he will owe ice cream. I remember one firefighter trying to get out of owing ice cream when his crew picked the flavor by saying that it was not his first. While this may have been true his crew had, by this point, decided on a flavor and were looking forward to it. You may as well stop a raging river with your bare hands as change their mind. The newbie was reminded that it was his first fire on that date with that crew. In other words, he owed ice cream.

Another time you owe ice cream is when you get your picture in the paper or if you're on the news. The problem here is, depending on how strict your agency follows this rule, you owe ice cream to every one that sees you. Luckily, in practice, this is usually contained to the one or two crews with whom you are closest. Everyone else just stays quiet about it.

There's another time you buy ice cream. Whenever you screw up. If you break a lamp while moving an unconscious patient, or run the wheels of the engine along the curb or anything of that nature, you owe ice cream.

The nice thing about this unwritten rule is that it applies to everyone. When a captain gets promoted to BC and has his first structure fire, he owes ice cream to all the crews there.

Anyways. I just thought you'd like to know one of the reasons that firefighters are often struggling with their waistline.


Twirlees Ice Cream said...

I love this post! I own a seasonal ice cream shop in Ontario, Canada - and my best (and friendliest, and patient) customers are the firefighters at the hall around the corner, they keep me in business and save lives - couldn't ask for a better group :)

lyndylou said...

I like this rule!

Lisa said...

When I was doing a ride-along I was told to bring Ice Cream. I didn't understand why my buddy told me that until I showed up. They were cool towards me until I showed them the booty I brought along. After that I was OK in their book and it was an awesome ride-along.

Cristina said...

Candy cane ice cream. All the way.

Journey-woman said...

I think the rule is great...even for the toughest in our communities there is still a child underneath all that equipment....what child doesn't like ice some on me!!!

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

Journey-woman- let me assure you. Firefighters are just big kids. And I'll get some ice cream and share it with the guys in your honor.

Lisa- You have a wise buddy. Why did you go on the ride-a-long?

Twirlees- I didn't know ice cream had a "season." Maybe that's because I'm a firefighter and always want it.

Lisa said...

I was debating joining the crisis reponse team and wanted to see how the dept. worked and the kind of calls to expect. It was so interesting to see how the station worked and I got lots of information on what to expect. I did join and have enjoyed every minute of it despite the craziness and long hours. The saying "Stupid people are what keeps us in business" is so true.

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