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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breaking....Your Fall?

The tones go off yet again. It's been a busy day, 7 calls in 7 hours. This time we were being dispatched to the local junior high school.

When we pulled up we were greeted by a bunch of students that were as excited as little kids to see the firemen pull up in the firetruck with their lights and siren. A bunch of them said hi as I jumped out and grabbed my gear.

My patient was standing in the parking lot talking to a teacher and to his mother. His mom was worried and trying to hold it together.

The young man was holding his left arm and trying hard not to cry. Crying would only be added insult to injury. He told us that a couple of other kids had come up from behind and pushed him to the ground. He instinctively reached his hands out to break his fall and broke his arm instead.

While we talked the swelling in his arm continued to worsen. We grabbed an icepack and splinted the arm. Since getting any morphine would mean getting stuck with a needle he declined.


Brian said...

I don't mean to sound skeptical but when I was 11, I was standing on a chair, somehow lost my balance. I fell on my arms and only had hair line fractures. How did he manage to break it that bad?

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

He didn't. I stole that pic. Since I don't transport I very rarely get to go to the ER. It was probably a hairline fracture like yours.

Brian said...

Oh ok. Just wanted to check.

melaniek said...

That kid is one tough little cookie. Broken bone pain vs needle poke pain....needle please! lol

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