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Monday, September 9, 2013

More Of The Same

On day three we were again assigned to structure protection. To make things easier we were even assigned to the same structures.

This barn with the hay and historical truck was the most threatened building we were assigned.

Since the fire was not really coming our way in any hurry we spent the day parked outside our most threatened building listening to radio traffic. Always trying to get a mental picture of what the fire was doing.

We also happened to find an outhouse near where we were staged.

Fixer upper outhouse.

At one point during the day we decided to drive up an old logging road that traveled up behind the homes we were protecting. We ended up driving until we couldn't go any further and then had to back down. Some where along the trip the ground decided to reach up and bend the step below my door (if you're reading this and you're from my department this is in no way an accident report).

Before the repair work the step was bent so high it block the cabinet doors.

We spent a little while back at our barn doing some auto body work. Even with our limited tools we were able to make the step and the cabinet it was now blocking usable again.

At the end of the day we headed back to camp. That night we were able to sleep in tents. It was a good thing because it did end up raining.

Although sleeping on the ground was already getting old.
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