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Monday, July 16, 2007

Medicinal Use?

A few days ago my partner and I got to work a standby (that's where we sit around a location for a movie shoot, stunt or other such nonsense) at an r&b concert. It was put on by Microsoft, which was promoting the new Zune, and the State Parks and Recreations department. It was at an park just outside of Chinatown near downtown LA. I don't know what they were expecting but the promoters went a little overboard on the EMS. We had two different BLS providers there plus a private paramedic unit and LAFD showed up with an ALS engine, a Rescue, two bicycle paramedics, and their tactical command post. Of course with all those resources, nothing happened.

Half way through the concert my partner and I were approached by to girls that looked about 18. They asked us if we were firemen. We said no, we were paramedics to which they replied that will work. They then asked us for alcohol. When they found out we had none they asked for a bowl to smoke. As they walked away disappointed I couldn't help but wonder if they wanted the marijuana for medicinal purposes.
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