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Monday, June 28, 2010

Station Visit

Just after 10 in the morning the station doorbell rang. A mother was bringing her young daughter by for a tour of the station. We started out in the apparatus bay. We showed the daughter our fire engine and opened every compartment for her. We explained the difference in firefighting equipment and jobs that we do.

The tour then took us through the rest of the station. We showed her that our station had everything a house has, a kitchen, dining room, family room, bedrooms and bathrooms, because we live at the station for 2 days at a time.

With the tour coming to a close I asked her if she had any questions. She was apparently too shy to ask any if she did. I then asked if she would like to try on some of my gear. Her eyes lit up like on Christmas morning.

She put on my turnout jacket and had a beaming smile.

While getting ready to leave the mother told me that she had brought her daughter to the station for a visit because she was afraid of firefighters. As they were leaving the tones went off. Pulling out of the station with our lights blinking and siren growling the little girl stood waving goodbye. I guess we overcame her fear.


Cristina said...

That's adorable. We take our little boy to check out the local fire departments so he can see how they're the same and different, too. Our town just built a new one, so of course we had to go check out that one. I think I've got a timeline of pictures with him sitting on the back end of fire trucks. I think it's so important for parents to know that they can just go do this -- just pretty much walk in. (Of course it's nice to bring in something edible to give, too.)

Jackie said...

Aww that is fantastic. The local fire house has a sign that they put out when they're in it says something like "Public welcome for tours" (I need to take a picture one day, kinda hard when i'm driving by at 50km/hr) It's fantastic I remember touring our volenteer station when I was just a kid.

It's great for kids to see! Never know when you might inspire a future fire fighter!


melaniek said...

That's awesome! I too hope she's not afraid anymore. Then again its been so long since hubby had his gear home if the kids seen him in full gear they'd prolly be scared too!

S said...

Well done - you've got a fan now!
I wish others would realize how important it is to overcome that fear. Our area has a "smoke house" trailer which goes around to the schools, so kids can see fully dressed FFs coming through the smoke for them. The trailer has a plaque, with a picture of a local girl who died hiding under her bed, afraid of the FFs who would have saved her.
Thanks for all you do. It matters.

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