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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What?! No Gun?

At just after 4 in the morning the tones went off. We were being dispatched to Denny's for an assault victim.

As we pulled around the corner we were greeted what seemed like every police vehicle in the area. As we walked toward the entrance we could see that the dining area inside looked like a tornado had swept through. Several of the officers directed us over to one of the 3 guys in handcuffs.

The patient, a man in his early 20's, had a bloody nose. He was very angry and didn't want any help from us. We checked him out anyways since he was in police custody. He said nothing hurt and continued to refuse treatment. One of the other guys had reportedly been hit in the head but he also denied any medical complaint.

While listening to the officers as the interacted with the guys in silver bracelets I heard that the three of them were involved in a fight with 9 other gang members. Not good odds. But what I don't get is how 12 gang members can have a fight and not one of them is carrying a weapon. No knife. No gun. No whip, axe or sling shot. I guess they're going soft.
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