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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poor Choices

When given the ability to choose between two choices some people just aren't that good at making the right decision. Take, for example, my patient named Julia (yes, I made up that name).

We were called to Julia's house because she had overdosed on sleeping pills. Outside we noticed that her boyfriend was sitting on the curb with standard issue police bracelets on. One of the officers told us our patient was in the back bedroom.

We found Julia crumpled on the floor unable to carry a conversation much less the weight of her own body. On the small of her back was a tattoo that said "Mario's property." Her boyfriend outside was Robert.

After some questioning it became apparent that Julia had taken her grandfathers sleeping pills (he has been dead for more than 2 years) the night before. The boyfriend decided to let her sleep it off. The only reason 911 had been called at all is that her parole officer stopped by for an unannounced visit.

We carried Julia out to the gurney and sent her on her way. I'm sure in a few hours she'll be back making stellar choices. A few of which are sure to involve EMS.
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