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Friday, July 12, 2013


We were toned out for a 35 year old male with cuts to his hands.

As we pulled up to the scene just after midnight we could see our patient leaning on the back of a car holding a towel on his hand. There was also a small knot of people on the sidewalk looking on.

Approaching the man I could tell he was inebriated. I stayed a couple feet back (because I don't trust drunk people) and asked what was going on. The man explained that he had been drinking and got angry. Not angry at anything in particular but just angry. In his fit of rage he decided he would take out his frustrations by hitting the bedroom window.

I then had the man remove the towel. His hand was covered in dried blood and there was a little but of fresh blood still dripping from his pinky. Wanting to know how much blood he had lost I did a quick walk through of the house. The entire time the man's uncle mumbled and complained about how his nephew was a drunk and never did anything. Inside the scene appeared to be something that Dexter would love. The guy had, after discovering that his finger was bleeding, decided to walk through the entire house shaking his hand essentially throwing blood on the floor, walls and ceiling in each room.

Outside the ambulance and PD had arrived. With the help of a garden hose the medic had washed off the hand to find that the patient had a decent size cut to his pinky but that was it. After a quick bandage the patient refused transport. We explained that he still needed stitches. The drunk said that he would drive himself. We quickly pointed out that he was too intoxicated to drive. Evidently still not wanting to go to the hospital the drunk turned to the closest cop and pointed at him saying, "I'll get a ride from him."

Without missing a beat the officer grabbed the outstretched hand, twisted it behind the back of the belligerent man and cuffed him. That pretty much ended my call.
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