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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Case if Mistaken Identity

Yesterday was a slow day. We got our only call at 4:45pm. We went to Little Company of Mary ER to pick up a little kid and take him to Miller's Children's Hospital in Long Beach. When we got to the ER we asked to see the nurse. When she saw us she told us that it was a paramedic transport and not an EMT transport. We are used to being called EMTs by people that don't know the difference. We told her that we were the paramedics and she didn't believe us. We told her about the certifications that we have and she still did not believe us. We then showed her our patches which say paramedic on them and she said that she had never bother to notice our patches. At this point my partner said that he understood completely and that he doesn't look at the name badges of the nurses. He then called our RN a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant aka butt wiper). The equivalent would be to call a paramedic a boy scout (although that doesn't sound quite as insulting). The nurse was almost offended but she saw that we were both smiling and just giving her a hard time. I bet the she won't forget that we are paramedics.
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