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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Interupted Meal

We decided to go to El Pollo Loco for dinner. Engine 71 had gotten their food already and were headed back to the station to get it. Just as I was getting my food the tones went off. We got a call to East Rd and Hacienda Bl for a single vehicle rollover with multiple occupants.

Engine 71 arrived on scene first and notified us that there were multiple occupants that had all self extricated and that there was only one injury. We got there and found that our only patient was a 14 year old male that was having lower back pain. We did a quick assessment and placed him on a backboard. As soon as AMR showed up we loaded him up and sent him to the local hospital.

At this point we were able to turn our attention to the other problem on scene. The car had flipped over and slid into the fence on the side of the road shearing off the natural gas meter that led to the nearest house. The entire car was full off natural gas and it was filling the air around us rapidly. We set up a couple of hose lines and the paramedics were set up as a RIC team (Rapid Intervention Crews are stationed a little back from the incident so that they can rescue the any firefighters that run into problems). We ended up waiting for a couple of hours for the Gas Company to get the right vehicle and personnel there to shut off the gas. Once that was accomplished and the vehicle moved we were able to clear the call.

This was a call that could have been a lot worse in several ways but ended up being pretty mellow.

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