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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Mellow New Years Eve

We got our first call of the day at 10am. It was a mutual aid call into LA County's area. It was a call for a 101 year old woman that was having some trouble catching her breath. We thought that she should be happy just to be breathing in any form. We pulled up on scene right behind an LAcoFD squad that had cleared a call nearby so we go canceled.

Our second call came in just about half way through our early lunch at Marie Calenders. It was for a fire alarm activation in a home. We pulled up to the two story house with nothing showing (firefighter vernacular meaning there was nothing indicating a fire such as smoke). We met the resident at the front door and she told us that the alarm started when she was in the laundry room. We cut the power to the alarm and checked the house. No fire. We reset everything and told her to call us back if she had any more problems.

Our last call of the day was just before midnight. A citizen called in stating that she was concerned with the size of the bonfire her neighbors had going. Our Captain decided to drive up there incognito so the people with the fire wouldn't know that we were coming. It turned out to be a fire in a fire pit that was completely covered in steel mesh so as to prevent embers from flying away. It was totally safe. This call did make it so that I got to spend the passing into the new year in the squad with my partner. We all slept the rest of the night.
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