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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daddy's Home!!

As I pull up to the house I hit the little clicker on my visor opening the garage door. After I park in the garage (a strange thing for a Californian to do) I get ready for one of the best moments of my day. As I enter the house I am almost always greeted by my two older kids screaming, "DADDA!!" They then will stop whatever they are doing and run up for a hug and a kiss. The moment usually only lasts a few seconds but I love it. Only then do I get to find my wife and give her her hug and kiss. Somewhere along the way my cat will start circling my legs and, with a twitching tail, wait for me to pet her.

The other day when I got home my daughter was a little extra excited. She told me that she had made a present for me. She hurriedly went and retrieved this:

My daughter knows that I love gum. So while she was going through her Halloween candy she discovered two pieces of bubble gum. She decided on her own that she was going to give them to me. She grabbed a sheet of paper and colored it (for wrapping paper) and then wrapped the present. It was one of the greatest gifts that I've ever received.

Thank you my Monkey (her nick name).

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Hydrant girl said...

That is too cute. What a great gift.

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