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Friday, December 4, 2009

Honorable Mention

This story was related to me by one of the Captains at my department. It is too good not to tell. The Captain was helping to make dinner which involved slicing up some habañero peppers.
After he finished preparing dinner he went and used the bathroom. He then sat in the recliner while the chili slow cooked. After a couple of minutes he felt a burning sensation his crotch. And it started to get worse. Soon he was writhing in pain as the capsaicin soaked into a very sensitive place. With the other firefighters laughing at him he started dancing around in pain. One of the firefighters told him that soaking the affected body part in milk would help. Desperate for a cure the Captain grabbed a mug, filled it with milk, and headed for the shower. Evidently it worked, at least well enough for him to function. He then had to call the owner of the mug (it said something like worlds greatest coach) and let him know that he would probably want to throw it out.

When the story was related to me I thought the captain should have just posted a note on the board explaining what had happened and that he didn't remember which mug it was.
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