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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breaking And Not Entering

At 0115 the tones went off. The lights on my room slowly started to brighten. I could hear the automated voice starting to dispatch us. "Truck 71......"

When we arrived on scene we could see several PD officers standing on the grass next to an apartment building. We could also hear music loudly thumping away. The officers explained that they were responding to a noise complaint but there had been no answer at the door. They could tell that the window to the second story apartment was open. That's where we came in.

I grabbed the 16' ladder and laddered the trellis under the window. I climbed up and called out loudly, "FIRE DEPARTMENT!" The last thing I want to happen is scaring some guy with a knife or a gun. No one appeared to be home. The computer was on and playing loud music. The officer in charge told me not to enter the residence.I climbed down the ladder and then put it away. The poor neighbors were going to have to put up with the noise all night. I was headed back to bed (but I wouldn't stay there long).
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