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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Email From The Man

This is an email that was sent by one of my readers to Kenneth Stokes (click on his name if you would like to email him as well) in response to his criticism of the way the paramedics did their job. Read the original post here.

Mr. Stokes,

I am befuddled and appalled by your criticism of the Paramedics in Jackson.  This of course is in regards to your press conference where you lambasted the company AMR and stated that the paramedics needed to, "...take the risk, you can't let citizens die, or sit here wounded because you're sayin' 'I'm not safe.'"

I applaud your camera-op heroics, because I assume that if you were on scene at the Pleasant Oaks Apartments you would do all in your power to help that young man.  Even if it meant you getting shot yourself, right?  

I ask you this, what good is a downed paramedic going to do for you?  In recent years we've all heard the news reports of gun violence.  Now think with me, if someone took the initiative to shoot this young man, don't you think that person would use the gun again.

Now continue to think with me, if only there were a force that was highly trained on how to deal with gun violence.  Maybe a group that had protection and guns of their own.  Maybe we could call them the Police.  

The Police have a job to do, and from what I've seen and read they did it effectively, allowing medics to treat the young man within 8 minutes after receiving the call.  NOT the 21 minutes you claim. 

You see everyone has a job to do.  The Police secure the scene.  The Medics treat the victim(s).  The City Council member then has the job of placing blame on a group to make themselves look more important.  Or maybe, just maybe, the City Councilman should instead make the city safer by curbing the violence which ravishes the city they serve.

The Man

To "The Man," I loved the letter. Hopefully more people are writing this jackhole (a term a good friend used to describe Mr Stokes).


Glynn @ AReelLady said...

Being the wife of a FF/EMT-B (soon to be -P), I agree with you (The Man, not mr Stokes). Maybe I am biased, but an EMT's duty is to save lives by handling medical emergencies, not gunfire and who the hell knows what else. EMT's are not issued body armor or anything to protect themselves. Some punk shooting at some other person obviously is not going to abide by wartime standards of not shooting the red cross guys or whatever. I know the FF/EMT's in our area would LOVE to carry weapons, on their hips like cops, but guess what they aren't allowed to go to CLEET training in order to legally do so! So until you want to give our boys (in the medic uniforms) the right to carry a weapon and defend themselves, then they should be able to wait until the scene is secured by POLICE OFFICERS (who are doing their job by securing the scene) and then let the medics do their job.

Fire Wife Katie said...

Love it!! :)

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