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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fire Ops 101

One of the departments in the bay area took part in IAFF's Fire Ops 101.

The program is designed to allow political leaders and the media to have a glimpse of what it's like to do our jobs. One of the main goals of the program is to show the importance of having 4 firefighters on an engine. Most departments now, because of budget restraints, are unable to staff fire engines and trucks with more than 3 firefighters. While we as firefighters understand that this is not going to change while the economy is in the toilet, we like to remind people that what we do is more difficult and dangerous when we don't have the right amount of people for the job.

The firefighters-for-a-day took part in several different stations which included fire attack, search, ventilation, auto extrication and EMS. The entire event was planned and run by volunteers from the department with the support of the department.

Here are a couple of news articles written participants in Fire Ops 101:

And here are a couple of videos showing how it went and what our elected officials thought of it.

Fast forward to the 2:10 mark for the piece on Fire Ops 101.

If you get a chance to participate in Fire Ops 101 in your area jump at it. If you work for a department that isn't currently participating in it I would encourage you to look into it.


Silliyak said...

Those are my homies!

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

Tell your homes that it looks like they did a great job.

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