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Friday, March 25, 2011

Panicked Father

While we were at the grocery store the radios crackled to life. We were being dispatched for a medical aid, a 6 year old overdose. Any medic that tells you that a potentially serious pediatric call doesn't speed up their heart rate a little is full of it.

While riding backwards in the engine I went over the normal vitals for a kid of that age. I also figured out what his weight should be and did some calculations in my head, just to get the cobwebs out.

Once on scene we found dad with his son, who appeared to be sick. The father told us that he had found his son playing with a now empty bottle of Children's Tylenol. He had no idea how much was in the bottle before his son got to it.

Arriving at the house just after the ambulance, much to her dismay I'm sure, was mom. She came in slightly flustered until she heard what was going on. She then told us that the bottle was empty and that she had just gone to the store to buy another.

Disaster averted. Another life not doing anything.


melanie said...

Can't say I've ever had an issue with tylenol...the only scare we ever had with medications was some infant gas drops my son pulled out of the diaper bag when he was almost 2, thankfully the bottle was almost gone. I now keep poison control's number in my phone just in case.

Was happy to read the ending to this story though!

Silliyak said...

I tell people 95% of the time "we" are overpaid, 5% you can't pay "us" enough. Of that 5%, a lot of that involves kids, just the subject makes me flash back to some pretty awful calls.

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