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Monday, April 4, 2011


Just after dinner we were toned out to assist PD on a wellness check. A wellness check is what happens when someone doesn't hear from a neighbor or a family member in a while. They call PD and they call us. We all then go and see what's going on.

We arrived on scene just after PD. They directed us to the back of the house. The officer gave us a look that said all that we needed to know. I didn't bother with anything but my heart monitor. We walked through the small house that had been collecting random things for decades.

As we stepped through the sliding glass door into the backyard we noticed a small woman's body off to the right in her garden. She was laying half on the grass and half in her flowers with her tools next to her. Her body was cold and stiff to the touch. Her eyes were still open. There would be no resuscitation efforts. She was gone.

We went back inside and grabbed a sheet out of her linen closet and then draped the body. PD found some phone number in a cell phone and notified the next of kin. As we walked back outside the neighbor that had called 911 said more than asked that she was gone. He could tell by our mannerisms. I'm glad that we were still being professional.

Once back at the station we started in on dessert. Just another call.


Dennis said...

She went doing what she liked. Doesn't get much better than that.

Dom said...

I was hoping it would be a false alarm.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

False alarms don't usually make the blog.

melanie said...

Dennis is right, when it's my time...I hope I go out doing something I love.

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