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Friday, April 15, 2011

Jealous Cops

Sometime around 0200 someone apparently assaulted a woman. It was enough of a fight that someone called the cops. When they arrived on scene and discovered that the victim had been pushed in the neck they called us.

Now there was a disconnect in communication somewhere. When we arrived on scene I found PD talking to the woman on the sidewalk. The first officer to talk to me said that she had no medical complaint. My immediate thought, "Then why are we here?!" As I approached, the victim (please note that I do not call her a patient) became agitated at our presence and made it well known that she didn't "need no firemen" and that she wasn't going to the hospital. I made sure she was able to refuse medical care and headed back to the engine.

As we finished loading our equipment one of the officers said that they had to call simply because she had been assaulted. I think they were just jealous that we were asleep and they weren't. Misery loves company.

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Silliyak said...

You've probably heard this, but... What do cops and firefighters have in common? They both wanted to be firefighters when they grew up.

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