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Monday, May 9, 2011

High Angle Training

While I was working an overtime shift at the station with our heavy rescue one of the firefighters looked at a rescue magazine and thought, I bet we can do that. There was a picture on the cover of a crew using a specialized tripod for a high point in a high angle rescue. With that thought we all decided to head out to try using our tripod as they had in the photograph. Basically we pulled some stuff out and played.

First, we set up our raising and lowering system. We used the Heavy Rescue as our anchor.

We also set up the haul line at the same time. We anchored that off of the guard rail down by the stop sign.

Next we had our victim go down to be 'rescued.' We took turns.

Then the heroes came down with the stokes to save the day.

You'd be surprised at the amount of teamwork it takes to get up something as simple as this wall.

Of course the people in the offices here were quite curious. We would get groups coming out to watch on their smoke break.

How was your Monday? Did I mention that I love my job?!
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