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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Bad Is Your Monday

It was Monday afternoon just after lunch. We were getting ready to go out and drill when the printer spooled up. Less than a second after that the tones went off and the strobes started flashing.

We responded to a home about 10 houses down from the station. If I didn't need my gear I could have walked there faster than it took for us to drive it. We were met at the door by a very worried father. He said that he had just made it home from work (which means he had start at O' dark 30) and found his 20 year old daughter laying in bed, unconscious. She had vomited at least once.

We started going through the process of elimination even though we suspected alcohol abuse. Her BP and pulse were fine as was her blood sugar. Her pulse ox was 95% on room air. There was no obvious trauma. Her pupils were reactive but sluggish. Her father told us that she didn't take any medications and that she was allergic to penicillin. While waiting for the ambulance we poked around a but looking for empty bottles. None could be found.

When we moved the patient to the gurney the AMR medic detected the ever so slight scent of a fruity alcoholic drink on the breath of the patient. My nose isn't that sensitive so I took her word on it. We finished loading her up and got her into the back of the ambulance. To help out AMR I tossed in a quick IV and set the patient up on their monitor.

Another life "saved." Off to training.
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