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Monday, January 9, 2012

Knights In Shining Armor

To be fair it would be more accurately described as guys in PBI and blue t-shirts but that probably depends on your point of view.

We were headed out to grab some grub. The day had gotten away from us and we no longer wanted to go shopping, cook dinner and then end up eating around 8 at night. So instead we were on our way to get something to go. Besides, it makes clean up easier too.

About two blocks down from the station we came up on a stopped station wagon in the center lane that had it's hazards on. We pulled up directly behind them and flipped on our lights as well. It was night time and we didn't want someone hitting us (although it's debatable weather or not turning on all our lights makes this more or less likely to occur).

My captain and I checked traffic and dismounted. The woman in the drivers seat said that she had run out of gas. The three year old girl in the back seat smiled at me while we talked with her mom. We decided that we would stop traffic and push her disabled vehicle into the nearby parking lot.

While my captain played crossing guard my engineer and I pushed. Just as we got her into an actual parking place her husband pulled up. The woman had called him for help. That also meant that we didn't have to worry about leaving a woman alone in a parking lot at night. As we were leaving I gave the little girl a firefighter sticker. I think we made her night.
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