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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Year Old, Not Breathing

"Engine 51, Medic 143, you're responding for a 1 year old unconsciousness and not breathing. PD is also en route."

In my city PD will respond to potentially critical pediatric calls and to full arrests (and any time we might need them to....ah....correct some bad behavior). As we drove down the dark residential streets dispatch informed us that PD had arrived on scene to find the patient breathing and alert. Now we could continue on in in a more conservative manner instead of like a bat out of hell.

Arriving on scene we found 3 police vehicles parked along the street. In front of the house were about 20 people, all wearing 49ers clothing (it was just minutes after the 49ers blew their Super Bowl chances). One of the officers held a small child, wrapped up in warm blankets, in his arms. Mom and dad held each other next to him. Mom was borderline hysterical.

I walked up and took a quick look at the kid. She was crying. Music to my ears. AMR had just pulled up behind us so I let them, along with my captain and engineer (who were both medics) take care of the kid. I went to the parents to find out the story.

Mom said, in between sobs, that her daughter was dancing in the kitchen when she collapsed, stopped breathing, and turned purple. Pretty much all not good things. She said that her baby didn't breath for about a minute than she started again.

Since little kids generally don't just stop breathing and collapse for no reason I probed some more. Mom said that the night before her daughter had fallen and hit her head on the couch, leaving a small goose egg. She also reported that her daughter had recently spiked a fever but they had treated that with Motrin.

After gathering all of that information I went and talked with the AMR medic. Turned out that the goose egg from "last night" was still getting larger. something about the story just didn't seem to fit right. So we didn't know if the kid had received some kind of cerebral trauma the night before and was just becoming symptomatic, if she had a febrile seizure, or had some other medical condition that was yet to be diagnosed.

Once we had the girl all ready to be transported we made sure that mom had a ride to the hospital. We let dad ride in the ambulance since he was the calm and collected parent.
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