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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fights On

Where were you last Thursday morning just before 5? My patient was drunk, stoned, and crying while leaning on the side wall of 7 Eleven. PD had called us out when she wasn't acting right.

We started talking to her and were able to get some information about her but not what had happened to her. She was definitely altered. All seemed to be going well until AMR showed up. Then our patient decided to stop cooperating. She kept calling us cops and saying that she did nothing wrong. We all tried explaining to her that she was just going to the hospital to get checked out but she wasn't having any of it. Having her mother show up on scene didn't calm her down either.

Since she was altered we couldn't just leave her there. Our hands were tied. She wouldn't let us do an assessment and had stopped talking to us except to yell at us. So with the help of the AMR crew and the officers we tried to pick up our patient and place her on the gurney. She was quite the fighter.

I held both her arms above her head on the gurney while everyone else tried to strap down her legs. It was almost comical to watch my crew get tossed around. That was until she started spitting at us. Thankfully PD had a spit mask (a mask designed to keep spitting people from spitting on us) and they got it on her quickly. Within a few minutes we were able to get the young woman restrained and on her way to the hospital.

Afterward, while talking with her mother, we found out that her daughter had been drinking and smoking pot. Her mother didn't know if she had had anything else or if the pot had been laced with something. Whatever it was a few hours in the ER with some fluids should help.
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