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Friday, July 27, 2012

Shots Fired

It's been less than a week since the tragedy in Aurora, CO. It's been a hot topic at the fire house just like everywhere else. But here we talk about what we would do in that situation. How would we respond? What can we learn from those that responded that day? Would we be ready?

We were across the street getting lunch. We had placed our order at a great little restaurant and were waiting for our food when we heard engine 57 (from the neighboring district) get dispatched on a medical call. The follow up information is what got us out of our seats and headed that way. Dispatch had engine 57 stage because there were reports of shots fired at the mall.

Immediately the worst case scenario starts running through my mind. Multiple victims, triage tags, ICS, sucking chest wounds, etc. 

When we arrived on scene we met the IC at the staging point. Within a couple minutes an officer came over and filled us in. One of the stores in the mall had been robbed at gunpoint and shots were fired. At this point no victims had been identified. 

A few minutes later we were cleared from the scene. Thankfully we still don't know what the first responders in Aurora had to do.
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