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Friday, March 1, 2013

Helping The Old Lady Cross The Road

We pulled up to the intersection and saw a PD unit sitting in the gas station. Almost before we could set the air brake on the truck officer was excitedly telling us what was going on. He had an elderly female that was lost and possibly altered. He also wanted to scoot because there was a home invasion in process and he wanted to be part of that action. I assume that that would be the police equivalent of a structure fire. We told him we were good and he tore out off down the street.

We turned our attention to Agnes. Agnes had left her home to go out and do something. What it was we would never find out. She couldn't remember. She had since become lost and flustered. The more questions we asked the more she would get anxious she would get.

Agnes just lived over the bridge (and through the woods?) but we didn't feel that it would be a good decision to let her drive herself home. We managed to get the phone numbers of her children and my captain started making phone calls. My engineer and I kept making small talk with the old lady trying to place her at ease.

Eventually my captain was able to talk to the son that lived about 30 minutes away. He was asked to come get his mother. We didn't want to leave Agnes sitting at a gas station by herself so we decided to take her back to the station. I chauffeured Agnes in her mid 80's Honda back to the station.

Back in quarters we figured that she must be hungry. She had apparently been lost for quite a while. So we headed upstairs and warmed her up a plate of leftovers and dished her up a side salad. Over the next 45 minutes we got to know Agnes. She regaled us with stories of her late husband, her kids and grandchildren.

Finally her son arrived. We talked for a few more minutes. We offered ice cream but it was refused. It was decided that he would leave her car parked behind the station for a day or two until he could get someone the help him shuttle it back to the house. He thanked us and took Agnes home.
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