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Monday, March 11, 2013

Where's My Blog?

I recently came across a blog that was committing plagiarism and copyright infringement. The blogger had, over the course of years, copied my blog. At least they had copied every blog post that I had created.

At first I was a little miffed. I couldn't believe the audacity that this "blogger" had. They were infusing some of their own posts (an assumption on my part. Who knows, they may have just copied another blog). Then, after reading some of their posts I got really upset.

They had stolen over 275 posts and were using their blog to boost their book sales (although the trashy novel they were pimping looked very unimpressive). In addition to that they were getting money off of AdSense and were supposedly receiving blogging awards for their content.

I understand that my posts that they were pilfering probably didn't result in any boost in book sales and that the amount of money they made from Google ads was negligible. And I have never been one to covet blogging awards. That's not why I blog. But I really don't want someone else taking credit for my work.

The funny thing is the blog, according to their name, was about snoring. No wonder they wanted to plunder my blog. How many blog posts can someone read about sawing wood can someone read before they themselves fall asleep?

In the end I spent a good portion of my weekend reporting all of the misappropriated content to Google. They have been good about responding and taking down the plagiarized posts. And to the blogger thief, all I am going to say is "ffffppppppppllblblbbbbbttttttttttt!!" I wish I could be there to watch your reaction when you look at your blog and realize 2/3 of your content has been deleted!

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