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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sometimes they come to you.

The other day my paramedic and the guys were posting at a fire station in their area. As they're relaxing at the station they hear a knock at the door - which happens very rarely. Apparently, a family was in a minor car accident and refused to call 911. While on the way home from the accident they drove past the fire station and decided they should get the kids checked out anyway (they were perfectly fine). The odd thing is that while they're in the middle of checking out this family, there's -another- knock at the door. This time it's a guy reporting a legitimate concern - an unconscious woman in the bushes around the corner. She was really drunk and had been missing for 2 days in 100+ degree temperatures. They c-spined her, started an i.v., and took her to the hospital. (She should be fine.)

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