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Monday, January 5, 2009

Stress, Compounded by Stress

Several days earlier, ME461 was dispatched for a full arrest. When they arrived they found a woman that had overdosed on some prescription medications. By the time that they arrived she had been dead for some time. From what I was told there were some obvious signs of death so they didn't try to work her up.

A couple of days later we were toned out to the same address. When we arrived we found the mother sitting in a chair having a little bit of difficulty breathing. She had a history of panic attacks and stress induced chest pain. We placed her on some oxygen and I started an IV. The most important thing that we did was listen. She and her family talked about their daughter and thanked us for everything that we had done. By the time that MBA arrived on scene our patient was feeling quite a bit better. Sometimes being a good paramedic means being an amateur shrink.
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