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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pediatric Anaphylaxis

After working out I was in the shower, shampoo in my hair, when the tones went off. We were dispatched for a child having difficulty breathing. I quickly jumped out of the shower and into t-shirt and turnout pants still dripping. When we arrived on scene we found a 6 year old kid that was in respiratory distress. His mom informed us that he had been hospitalized the day before with a severe allergic reaction to an unknown allergen. This morning while she was taking her son to school he started having the same trouble breathing. He did have a rash on his chest and he said that his throat felt like it was swelling shut. He wasn't wheezing, yet. I quickly gave him a subcutaneous shot of epinephrine, started an IV and gave him some benadryl. Within a couple of minutes he said that he was starting to feel better. By this time MBA was on scene and we sent him and his mom down to the hospital.
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