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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feel The Love

During my recent incarceration in the hospital (that's what it felt like....except when they gave me Dilaudid) I got several glimpses at how much my family loves me. It was the little things like my daughter almost breaking into tears as my wife explained to her where I was and why I was there. And how she drew a bouquet of roses on a piece of paper that said get well soon. It was evident in all the trouble my wife took to get the kids to various friends and family members (and them taking the time and energy to watch the kids) so that she would be able to spend a little time with me. How she would drag all three kids through the parking garage and across the hospital to see me. How, when hearing that I was on my way home, my daughter quickly ran to the front door and hung a welcome home banner and then pulled a kitchen chair up to the window and stood there looking for the exact moment when I arrived.
It's even evident in my cat, who after being left home alone for a week, cannot be removed from my lap as I write this post. I blame any typos on her.

I am loved.
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