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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Abuse Of The 911 System

Frequent flyers. To most people this term brings to mind someone that travels a lot, usually on business. In EMS it's a term we use to describe someone that calls 911 over and over again.
You know it's bad when your crew finishes the dispatch in sync with the computerized dispatch voice, "apartment 208!" And then the moan. We have been to this apartment 30 or so times this year. Every time it comes in as something potentially serious and it turns out to be nothing.

As we walked in the door we were met by the daughter. She cares for her 86 year old mother who has dementia. The daughter told us that her mother would not sleep, so she couldn't sleep. So she called us because she was tired. She had told the dispatcher that her mother had chest pain.
My captain talked to the daughter about getting help. She has siblings in the area that aren't doing anything and her mother needs more care than she can provide.

In the end we had the daughter sign the mother out AMA (since the mom had no medical complaint at all). We left, this time with the name and phone number of the doctor treating the mother, and a small hope that he may be able to help stop the cycle of 911 calls.
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