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Friday, August 27, 2010

Running Into A Call

It was 0650. I forgot that it was Sunday and that there would be no traffic so I was a little early. As I walked toward the apparatus bay I saw the tractor-trailer with a bulldozer on it pulling out of the station. As I rounded the corner into the app bay I was greeted by the sight of firefighters getting dressed in their wildland gear. I dropped my bags and grabbed my gear. I threw on my pants and decided to finished getting dressed while on my way to the fire.

As we approached the scene we could see several other engines and crews doing their assignments. We met with the IC and he gave us our spot in which to fight the fire. Before we could put out more than a couple hundred feet of burning fuel, I could feel the ground rumbling beneath my feet. Around the bend came 3 bulldozers. The real workhorses of fires in these hills. Before long the dozers had a good line cut around the 200 acre fire. The CDF crews were working on the hotspots while we were sent to the staging area. After a short wait we were released from the incident.

It was time to go back and clean the rigs.
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