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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eating Smoke For Breakfast

My alarm buzzed a little too early. I did what a lot of people do and hit the snooze. While laying in bed slowly waking up the tones went off. The structure fire tones (we have different tones for medical aids, vegetation fires, structure fires...). Structure fire tones this early in the morning usually are not false alarms. And most of the structure fires this early in the morning are blowing pretty good.

As we were responding dispatch informed us that we were en route to an outside fire that was up against a building. Engine 50 was already on scene requesting a first alarm assignment.

Once we arrived engine 50 cancelled everyone else. They had a fire that had started in a shed and spread to the wood fence. About 20 feet of fence line was charred. I took the chain saw and started cutting the fence and shrubs. After about 30 minutes what was left of the fence lay in an ashen pile soaked in foam.

The owner was very thankful that the fire was limited to the small area in their yard. We arrived back at the station with just enough time to tell our story to the other guys at the station and go home.

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