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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh! The Irony

So while I was at work I received a negative comment on my post 50mg Of Benadryl And Some Morphine. So I took the time to respond with a blog post instead of a lengthy comment (and I decided that getting negative comments is kinda fun). My original post was about a "frequent flyer" that just wants narcotics. She's well known to every firefighter in the area.

Fast forward about an hour after we went to bed. The tones went off and the dispatcher rattled off a familiar address. As we approach we notice that the front door is open and our favorite patient is waiting for us. She's learned not to ask for Morphine directly. This time she said that the medics before had given her a shot of Benadryl for her anxiety and another shot. She danced around the subject of MS for quite a while. In the mean time we grabbed a set of vitals (which we all well within the normal range).  She wasn't showing any of the signs of being in pain.

She then spent the next few minutes complaining about nausea. She explained that she had been vomiting all day. And that because of the vomiting she was experiencing abdominal pain. That, according to her, was the reason she needed the 'other shot.' Instead, we attacked the root of the problem. We gave her something for the nausea. She wasn't too happy that we weren't playing the game by her rules.

When AMR arrived I gave them a quick rundown on the patient. We then helped her onto the gurney and loaded her up. What was the last thing I heard her asking for as I shut the back door of the ambulance? You guessed it, a shot of Morphine.
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