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Monday, February 20, 2012

Stupid Drivers, A Real Danger

We pulled out of the station with our lights flashing. As the tailboard cleared the apparatus door my engineer hit the remote control closing the door.

This station is in a residential neighborhood. We turned left onto the small street. As we approached the main road through town the growler started to wail. My engineer had to come to a complete stop at the uncontrolled intersection to wait for traffic to stop. The traffic to our left stopped (shocking I know) and we started to pull into the intersection to clear the other side.

It was about then that the woman driving in the #1 lane decided that she no longer wanted to stop for us. She drove across the intersection and were it not for the yells of stop by my captain the old lady would now have a giant imprint of the bumper of our fire engine in the side of it.

Sometimes getting across the street from the station can be the most dangerous part of the job.
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