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Friday, October 12, 2012


I love that my better half has a sarcastic side (she has to have one to be able to put up with me). She has been spending some time on a political blog arguing with people. After the last Presidential debate there has been a lot of uproar about Big Bird losing his job. This was her response:

"If only there were some way we could contribute to PBS so that Big Bird doesn't get axed... if only PBS made it easy and asked for our support, maybe with a regular telethon... if only we could contribute our money directly to PBS, instead of sending it to the government to send to PBS... and what if they gave credit before each show to the many, many private donations and foundations that make these shows possible..."

That's not even the best part. Someone actually thought she was serious and were nice enough to point out that you can donate.

"Actually it is possible to donate directly to PBS. They have telethons about once per quarter and still accept donations at other times. It is tax deductible as well if you meet the threshold on your taxes."

Sarcasm becomes even funnier when someone doesn't get it.
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