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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Attaboy. According to Wikipedia it is a term "used to show encouragement or approval to a boy or man."

A couple weeks ago we ran a call for an "altered" person. This can mean anything from a person that is a little confused (picture someone with one too many beers on board) to a person that is totally unresponsive (Picture Pee-Wee Herman getting hit by Mike Tyson).

This time the patient was lethargic because she didn't have enough glucose in her blood. Unfortunately the woman, in addition to being diabetic, was also very obese. My engineer and I were in the process of searching (fishing really) for a vein when AMR showed up.

The AMR crew was brought up to speed while we worked. The EMT silently stepped up and started grabbing the supplies we needed. Every time one of us would turn to grab something he was there waiting with it.

Quite often we can be super critical of others. My paramedic preceptor taught me long ago that if someone does something really right, give them a compliment. Even better, give their supervisor a compliment on their behalf.

So for all of you out there getting things right all (or most) of the time, Attaboy!
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