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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Honorary Stories...

This happened to a new EMT about a month ago.

The call was for a woman with general flu like symptoms. While in the back of the ambulance she had a bout of diarrhea. The paramedic in back asked the EMT to cover it up with a blanket so the smell would not become overpowering. As the EMT did this he started gaging. He then proceeded to throw up all over the drivers side of the compartment. This started a chain reaction. The sight of the EMT vomiting caused the paramedic to start dry heaving. The smell and sounds of both of them caused the patient to start vomiting as well. It all came full circle when the EMT (still sitting at the head of the patient) turned his head the other way, towards the open drug box and the ECG monitor, and threw up!

Just so that you don't think that the driver got off without any fun...the driver is responsible for cleaning up the rig while the attendant does paperwork. The cleanup took hours and both EMTs helped.
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