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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pit Bull 1: Mailman 0

The call came out as a dog bite to the face of a mailman. The first thing that the captain asked dispatch was if the dog was contained (smart captain). Dispatch informed us that the dog was contained and the PD and animal control were on the way.

We arrived on scene just after the rescue. We were on a narrow street and we had a large SUV following us. I'm not sure what the lady was thinking but when we stopped it became clear to her that she as not going to get by us. She then did what, sadly, most people do. She put her vehicle in reverse and backed up without looking. Unfortunately for her the animal control truck was right behind her. As I was getting the gurney out of our rig I was startled by the crunch of her SUV hitting the truck.

Our patient was found laying on his right side with a fair amount of blood all over the sidewalk. He had a puncture wound below his left eye and his lower lip was torn in half. There was enough blood that it was difficult to tell if there were any more punctures in his scalp but I think that there were a couple. We quickly got him onto a backboard laying on his right side so that the blood form his injuries would not choke him. We loaded him up and provided suctioning for the blood so that he could breathe a little better.

Our patient was in surgery not too long after getting to the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Pit Bull Jumps Fence, Bites Mailman In Face In Torrance
POSTED: 8:34 am PDT August 22, 2007

TORRANCE, Calif. -- A 60-year-old mail carrier was being treated Wednesday after his face was mauled in a vicious pit bull attack."

He was mauled very badly on the right side of his face," Rich Maher, a Postal Service spokesman, told the Daily Breeze, adding that the victim of Monday's attack, a Cerritos resident, required a tube in his throat to breathe. "He has gone through reconstructive surgery. He's still in intensive care in stable, but serious condition." Customers on the carrier's route identified him as Moon Choi, a friendly man who was a familiar sight in the tight-knit community, the Breeze reported.

Choi had walked past the modest one-story stucco home about 4:30 p.m. Monday in the 700 block of Amapola Street when the attack occurred, according to the Breeze.

Cameron Brown, 22, told the newspaper that he was watering the lawn while the
100-pound brindle-and-white pit bull named Chucky was lounging in the yard when Choi strolled by and said, "No mail for you guys today."

Chucky began barking, Choi started running, and the dog leapt over a nearly 4-foot-high white iron fence and bit Choi's head.

From the county-run Carson Animal Shelter where she was visiting her quarantined dog,
20-year-old Carly Bennett talked to the Breeze by telephone on Tuesday.
"I definitely don't think that's OK," she said of the unprovoked attack. The dog "was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he just got too overprotective and unfortunately what happened happened."

A vicious-dog hearing will be held in two weeks to determine Chucky's fate, according to the Breeze.

Reena said...

those are the longest comments i've ever seen.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

I know that they are a bit long but I know that links are only good for so long for news articles.

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