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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day 1 call 2

LASD (Los Angeles Sheriffs Department) called and asked if we would come out and check on their prisoner. When we got there we found a 14 year old girl in handcuffs, face down in the grass, with a female officer sitting on top of her. It turns out that she had assaulted the manager of the half way house she was staying at who then called the cops. Once in custody in the back of the patrol car my patient told deputies that she was going t kill herself and then kicked out the window of the car. The officers then decided that she should not be in the car any further and started to take her out. The girl soon realized that she liked the back of the cop car. In the ensuing struggle she grabbed onto the gate and received a coupe of minor cuts on her fingers. We were really called out there because the officers did not want to go to the hospital but I informed them that they had to go. Our patient was kicking out windows you know!
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