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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I think that you put the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable.

Sometimes the paramedics at Gerber will help out answering phones. There are people in this world that speak English with a very heavy accent. This combination leads to some funny stories.

We had a lady call in a while back and she was a little excited. She said (or so we thought),"Chickenbreath! You take to are. You come NOW!" When told that we couldn't understand her she would just repeat the phrase. After a while, and a couple of different people on the phone with this lady, we finally figured out what she was really saying: She can't breathe. You take her to ER. You come now! At least the last part was clear.

As it turned out the patient was just sick and had a nasty cough. It could have been bad if chickenbreath.
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