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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Probie Down (almost)

We have a new firefighter working with us on Thursdays and Fridays named Grant. Like all new guys that start on our shift (myself included) we welcome the new guy by going out and training real hard. Admittedly we were a little easier on Grant then on other newbies since Erin and I didn't want to be out in the heat either. In his second week with us Grant became dizzy and light headed after the morning workout (no training yet). After laying on the couch for a couple of minutes, during which time I checked his vitals, he felt better. He then got up and sat at the kitchen table and started shaking. At this point I checked his blood sugar. It was in the low forties. No wonder he wasn't feeling well. We gave him a fruit shake and then made him breakfast. This is the second rookie in a row we've almost broken and we didn't even train hard.
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