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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vehicle Fire

Last week was one of our firefighters last week. He got a job on a box (an ambulance) and is moving from the area. We were hoping for a good call for him. A little after 5 pm we got toned out for a vehicle fire up on the Yucca grade on highway 62 at Hoopa Tr. We very quickly got dressed and went responding. Just as we turned onto the highway we could see way off in the distance (several miles) a faint wisp of smoke. Hehehe. We ended up pulling up just after ME121 from San Bernardino County. Anthony and I backed up their fireman. We knocked down the fire pretty quick but the damage was done.

The woman driving what was once a Ford Exploder said that she pulled off the highway when it started to overheat. As she did smoke started pouring out from under the hood. By the time that a tow truck driver pulled over to help, flames were rolling out under the glove compartment. The woman was still sitting in the drivers seat. I take this as proof that Darwin was right. The tow truck driver got her out and away from the vehicle. These are some shots of what was left of the Explorer.

From here the damage doesn't look so bad. Eric is chatting with our local CHP officers. We have a great working relationship with them.

The damaged end.

The fire went all through the passenger compartment. You can see the head liner that we had to rip out. We put it back in once the fire was extinguished.


Katie said...

I can't believe she was still in the car while it was visibly burning!! Wow.

Reena said...

If she was smart enough to pull over when it started smoking, but not enough to figure out she needed to exit the vehicle when it was burning up....

wow...these are the kinds of people we share our roads with.

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