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Friday, August 14, 2009

Ride a Long

A few weeks ago I went and did a ride along with my old crew. We had a good time. We did what we do A lot. Around dinner time we got toned out for a fall with injuries, second hand report. Once we arrived on scene we found our patient looking for his keys in his car. He had fallen about 30 minutes prior to our arrival and had called his son to tell him about it. His son, being worried, called 911 for his dad. Our patient was fine and didn't want medical attention. While I was standing in the front yard I hear someone call my name and as, "what are you doing here?" I wasn't expecting to hear my name out in the middle of town. It was one of the local kids whose family more or less adopts the firefighters at their station. She was just surprised to see me. She immediately went home and told her family. They all stopped by the station a little later to say hi. It's nice to be missed.
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